December 2020

The summary of the ALGeSMo project and its outcomes are available for the general public

The ALGeSMo project ended with several noticeable successes. The system-level tests performed on the bespoke full-size test rig showed very promising results. Loads along all three axis of the landing gear and the torque about the wheel axles were measured and showed a very good correlation with the applied loads.

The research activities have advanced the state of the art in several key areas for the deployment of optical sensing systems for safety-critical applications (e.g. integration of optical fibres into composite material, robust optical connections, avionic-compliant optical interrogator and landing gear load measurement).

The technology building blocks developed during this project can also be used in other aerospace applications, not only for landing gear load measurement. There is a general consensus in the aerospace industry that optical sensing can bring significant benefits. Thanks to ALGeSMo, the project partners and more generally the European industry are better prepared for the “more optical aircraft”.

The full publishable reports presents the work that has been performed and explains how this project went beyond the previous state of the art

ALGESMO_D1p6_Publishable Report on Project Technical Results