Meggitt PLC is an international engineering group specialising in extreme environment components and sub-systems for aerospace, defence and selected energy markets. Operating from many development and manufacturing facilities worldwide, the Airframe Systems Division of Meggitt includes – among many other activities- Sensing & Monitoring Systems and Polymers & Composites.

Meggitt’s UK facility dedicated to sensing specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing thermocouples, optical pyrometers, speed probes, proximity sensors, position sensors, and pressure switches for aerospace and industrial applications.

Meggitt’s Swiss facility specialises in high-performance and high reliability sensing and monitoring systems measuring physical parameters in the extreme environments. It includes the design, manufacture, integration, certification and support of on-board sensors and electronics used to monitor the condition in extreme environment of high value assets (aircraft engines in Aerospace market, turbomachinery in Energy market).

Meggitt’s UK facility dedicated to polymers and composites specialises in the design and manufacture of multi-function components with embedded technologies including integrated ice protection and electronic control management systems and specialist complex composite structures for both Military and Civil aerospace applications.

Technobis Fibre Technologies

Technobis tft-fos is the leading provider of Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuit (ASPIC)-based fibre sensing systems for demanding market segments such as high tech, aeronautics, space, medical and automotive testing industries. Within ALGeSMo, Technobis develops a multi-channel FBG interrogator with a specifically designed optical chip package for aerospace compliance (MIL-STD 810 and DO-160). It includes a 1-20 kHz parallel readout of multiple sensors per channel. It is compact, low footprint high speed interrogator for dynamic sensing applications in harsh environments.


The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) is one of the Dutch Major Technological Institutes which perform a large part of the applied research in the Netherlands, each within its own specific technology field. As an independent non-profit organisation, NLR is the central institute for aerospace research in The Netherlands. A staff of approximately 650 people is employed at two sites, one located in Amsterdam, and the other in the Noordoostpolder. Over two-thirds of the staff are graduates from universities or technical colleges, with a large variety in specialised professions such as aircraft engineers, psychologists, mathematicians and physicists. This variety is necessary for ensuring the broad expertise that is needed for coping with mostly challenging problems in the aerospace sector.