December 2020

The summary of the ALGeSMo project and its outcomes are available for the general public

The ALGeSMo project ended with several noticeable successes. The system-level tests performed on the bespoke full-size test rig showed very promising results. Loads along all three axis of the landing gear and the torque about the wheel axles were measured and showed a very good correlation with the applied loads. The research activities have advanced

February 2020

First system load rig test runs performed in NLR

After completion of the full system installation and integration on the test rig and preliminary system testing, the first test runs were performed in NLR on the complete system with loads representative a real landing.

December 2019

System Test Readiness Review held in NLR, Netherlands

Following the delivery of the main landing gear axle sensors, the Test Readiness Review milestone was completed in December 2019.